This country belongs to discoverers, not governors, and we know which we are.


This declaration to the corrupt governor of New France by Médard Chouart des Groseilliers equally reflects the sentiment driving his brother-in- law, young Pierre-Esprit Radisson. In this new historical adventure, author Richard Lapointe details the unusual adolescence of Pierre, a man caught between two very different cultures.


Pierre’s life changed forever when he was sixteen. Abducted from his home, he was adopted into the family of an Iroquois warrior chief. As Pierre tries to  adjust to life in the village and excel in his training as a warrior, he dreams of his future and plans his escape.


When he finally flees, Pierre reunites with his family and forms an alliance with his new brother-in- law, Médard. Together, the two will challenge European governance as they forge new trails—and establish their independence in the New World.

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